Tailored formulations for the brain, eyes, heart, nerves and sleep.


Digitalisation requires more and more working people to spend plenty of time in front of their computer screens. These demands can place a considerable strain on the body over time, affecting both the eyes and the musculoskeletal system. Pressure to succeed at work and during one’s free time, as well as a high daily workload, may trigger some stress reactions in the body. An unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, and a lack of exercise will intensify such reactions.

Anxiety, high blood pressure, vascular deposits, or cardiac arrhythmias may develop as a consequence.

Personal health is growing ever more important in a world where pressure to meet deadlines, success targets, and a hectic pace on the one hand contrast with the desire for a good work-life-balance on the other.

This is exactly where we come in with our GUARD series supporting your health with preparations specially designed for office workers. We have tailored our formulations to the various areas of the brain, eyes, heart, nerves, and sleep based on the latest scientific findings.

We focus on condensed essentials with carefully selected, predominantly natural active ingredients: we avoid combined preparations with unnecessary ingredients, instead relying on components tailored to their respective areas.

Our Clean Label principle is reflected in the absence of added dyes and our vegan formulations. Convince yourself of our products’ quality.


Vegan, without preservatives, lactose and gluten free.

About us

Euro OTC Pharma GmbH has been distributing its range of the best, tried and tested nutritional supplements on the international market with a steadily growing trend since 2005. Our brands have an extensive range of high-quality products to support a healthy lifestyle.

Applied with the label “Made in Germany”, tested ingredients in optimal dosage and sensible composition meet all requirements to modern and innovative health products – specifically geared to the different needs of different age groups and situations.

Our competent team of nutritional scientists ensures continuous development of new products based on the latest scientific findings. In this context, we observe European directives and ensure high bioavailability of the substances we use.

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